Are Nova Guitars Any Good? (Solved)

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

Trying to research Nova guitars is challenging, there is basically no information out that.

The reason for this is that the term Nova Guitars actually means different things to different people.

There are two different types of Nova Guitar and we explain both and if they are any good.

The Answer To Whether Nova Guitars Are Any Good

The answer to whether Nova Guitars are any good is hard to answer and depends on which Nova Guitars you are talking about. We explain the different Nova Guitar brands below and whether they are any good.

Nova Guitars from the 1980s and 1990s

Nova Guitars USA was founded by Luthier John Buscarino in the 19880’s and they produced quality handcrafted guitars. Anyone who bought the Nova guitars handmade by John has been very happy with them.

John’s design was so good in fact that a Japanese company bought out the Nova Guitar brand in order to secure his patent, regarding a very unique improved releasable guitar neck joint that he designed.

From the early 1990s onwards, these ‘Nova Guitars’ were no longer made and John carried on his work as a Luthier of handmade custom guitars, under the name ‘Buscarino Guitars’ (

Nova Guitars In The Sears Catalogue

However, since John has long sold his Nova Guitar Company, the Nova name has made a return in a similar variation on cheap guitars for sale in the Sears Catalogue. The last time they were in the catalogue they were priced at less than $200, and prompted questions from readers about the quality and whether they were worthwhile.

These Nova Guitars that have appeared in Sears are very low-end Chinese made guitars that just used Nova Guitars as the label.

In terms of whether the Sears Catalogue Nova Guitars are any good, they are ok. They are about as good as you would expect for a $200 guitar, no better, no worse.

If they come into the catalogue again and you think about buying one, just be aware they are a very cheap instrument, the bottom of the line basically, and you could get something similar at your nearest music store, and in that way you can handle your instrument before you buy it, to make sure you are happy with the quality of it.

These cheap Nova Guitars are factory-made with cheap materials and fitted with cheap components. They will be playable enough, and ok for beginners, but anyone experienced will not be happy with the quality.