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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer


Kyser Capo on Acoustic Guitar

When asked which is the best capo for acoustic guitars, there is no one single clear answer as people do have different preferences, however there are a number of Capos which do stand out above the crowd and I do have my own personal favourite.   Acoustic Guitars, like others differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model so no one size fits all and of course there is an element of personal preference.

As acoustic guitars tend have a higher action than electric guitars, i.e. the strings sit further away from the fretboard,  a capo with a strong action is required, therefore you should look at capos with a spring or trigger action rather than capo’s with strap or elastic mechanisms.

For the typical steel stringed acoustic guitars, a capo that is designed to fit nicely around a curved neck is preferred,  not a flat neck like some classical guitars and sometimes electric guitars.

Amongst the most recommended capos for acoustic guitars,  the Shubb and Kyser capos are amongst the highest rated.  However, bear in mind the Kyser although quicker to operate is harder on the neck and can detune your guitar.

The Shubb C-Series or S-Series are the favourite Shubb Guitar Capos with the S1 being the more recent design and the top of their line, it features stainless crafting along with a roller design to ensure the application and de-application is smooth.  These are certainly built to last and most likely will be the only capo you’ll need if you find it suits your style.

My personal choice?

Shubb Deluxe S.

It’s not nano-seconds to change positions but I believe it’s better for your guitar and doesn’t risk detuning.

Some other varieties of the Shubb Capo, perfect for your acoustic guitar.


Shubb C1 Original Capo