Claffey Guitars

Ricky Claffey trained in the art of lutherie under Master Luthiers, Bill Kelday, and Paul Hyland, at Anniesland College in Scotland. Following that, he concentrated on developing his craft and unique approach to guitar building, as well as forming opinions on what makes a superior instrument. As a luthier, he valued simple clean lines, classic … Read more

Can You Use A Penny As A Guitar Pick?

Yes, you can use a penny as a guitar pick. Many famous players, including Brian May from Queen, use coins to play guitar due to the shape, feel and sound they make. There are some potential downsides and these are discussed throughout this article. Pros of Using a Penny As A Guitar Pick Pennys Do … Read more

Squier Guitar FAQs – Squier Questions Answered

In this article, we provide answers to some of the most common questions we hear about Squier guitars. Are Squier Guitars Bad? Squier guitars are not bad per se. They are designed as cheap, entry-level guitars for new and inexperienced players.  They provide a way for people to access the great styles of the Fender … Read more

What Makes A Cheap Guitar Sound Bad? (Detailed Explanation)

There are a variety of factors that can influence why a cheap guitar might sound bad.  For acoustic guitars, it is usually the materials used to make the guitar, whereas for an electric guitar it is usually the components that are fitted to the guitar. However the guitar action, and neck setup can also have … Read more

Why Does My Guitar Sound Dull? (Acoustic and Electric)

Sometimes a guitar is just inherently dull. But usually, there is a specific reason a guitar might sound dull, and there are things you can investigate to figure out what the cause may be. In this article we will explore some of the common reasons an acoustic guitar might sound dull, and why an electric … Read more

Is A Luthier Made Guitar Worth It?

Luthier-made guitars provide certain distinct advantages, that you cannot obtain with a premium brand guitar, like Martin or Taylor. However, these benefits do come with some drawbacks. Both the pros and cons of luthier-made guitars will be discussed at length in this article. Pros of Buying A Luthier Made Guitar There are many pros to … Read more

Can You Make A Guitar Out Of Pine? (Pros and Cons)

Given how easy it is to get your hands on pine, and how cheap it is, it is natural to wonder whether you could use pine to make a guitar. In short, yes, you can make a guitar out of pine. However, there are some drawbacks to using pine to make a guitar, and we … Read more

Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum Guitar Strings Review

Back in 1919, two of Vienna’s finest acoustical engineers decided to combine their research efforts. Franz Thomastik and Otto Infield originally decided to keep their business enterprises separate, despite occupying the same building in Vienna. Because they shared an address, the Vienna government registered the businesses as one enterprise, and in 1921, the companies officially … Read more

Cleartone 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Review

The premier choice for players of a variety of genres, the Cleartone 80/20 bronze acoustic strings are not every guitarist’s first choice of string, but they should be. These strings are highly underrated, and best suited for players seeking a crisp, punchy tone from their acoustic guitar. While these strings aren’t necessarily best suited to … Read more

Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Guitar Strings Review

Over the years, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the music gear space: people only notice large items. For instance, everyone knows that Jimmy Page played the double-necked SG, and most rock fans have no trouble visualizing the concentric circles adorning Zakk Wylde’s infamous Les Paul. Fans likely even know that AC/DC’s Angus Young plays … Read more