Kawai Vpc1 Vs. Doepfer

Kawai designed the VPC1 in the image and resemblance of a genuine piano to further the “real piano” sensation. There are no wheels, knobs, sliders, or anything else that take your attention away from the task at hand. The accompanying music rack is great for fleshing out scores, and the flat, deep top deck is … Read more

Yamaha NU1X vs. Kawai CA99

The AvantGrand NU1X from Yamaha defies tradition by blurring the lines between acoustic and digital home pianos. The NU1X combines the perfectly natural sensation of a true mechanical keyboard action with the unsurpassed sound of two renowned performances: Yamaha’s flagship CFX and the peerless Bösendorfer Imperial, both brilliantly recreated with Virtual Resonance Modeling.  On the … Read more

Kawai MP11 vs VPC1

The MP11 comes with a variety of amazing retro electric piano tunes, each with its individual qualities. Pass the signal through a range of vintage effects stompboxes before connecting into one of the five main amp and speaker cabinets to enjoy their genuine, organic sound. To improve the “real piano” experience, Kawai designed the VPC1 … Read more

Korg D1 vs. Kawai ES110

The RH3 key bed on the Korg D1 provides a fine-tuned playing sensation. Whether you perform jazz, rock, or classical, the D1’s 30 richly expressive tones will cover any gig or musical genre. The hyper-realistic acoustic grand pianos are sampled at four distinct velocities and operate in tandem with the D1’s RH3 action to convey … Read more

Kawai Vpc1 VS Studio Logic Sl88

In this article, we will discuss two amazing virtual piano controllers, the Kawai vpc1, and the Studio logic sl88. Which do you think is the better option for you? Personally, I would go with Kawai Vpc 1. It may be a bit expensive, but if you don’t like 88-key weighted controllers, then it would be … Read more

Piano Vs Guitar – Which One To Learn and Why

The piano and the guitar are among the top instruments to learn. Both instruments teach hand-to-hand and hand-eye coordination. They can also be played solo or in a group. The piano and the guitar are versatile instruments and choosing which one to learn can be a dilemma. Read on to find out which instrument is … Read more

Grand Piano Lid: Open or Closed?

Sometimes grand pianos can be seen with their lids propped all the way up. At other times, the lids will be closed or only open partway.  There are interesting reasons why the position of grand piano lids varies. This article will discuss the pros and cons of keeping grand piano lids open or closed.  What … Read more

Why Are Grand Pianos Shaped Like That?

Grand pianos have a distinct shape very different from uprights. Taken from its predecessor, the harpsichord, the shape of grand pianos today is the culmination of many years of upgrades made to improve the sound, volume, and tone of the instrument. History The shape of the harpsichord influenced the shape of the grand piano as … Read more

Simply Piano vs. Yousician

Piano learning apps are a great way to supplement piano lessons. They make learning fun and creative, especially for young students. It is also an excellent alternative for those who don’t have access to a piano instructor Two of the most famous piano learning apps are Simply Piano and Yousician. They both offer free trials … Read more

Is Piano Hard to Learn?

The piano is a great instrument to learn. It exercises numerous skills that can be used in different areas of life like: Hand-eye coordination Flexibility Great memory Self-discipline On the other hand, implementing these skills along with the piano lessons can be hard for some people. Others may find piano hard to learn because they … Read more

Grand Piano Microphones – 3 Key Questions

Grand pianos are loud instruments that do not need much sound amplification. Although, there are certain situations when grand pianos need a microphone to boost the audible volume.  These situations may be in loud venues or big concert halls. Either way, making the right decisions when needing amplification for grand pianos will ensure that the … Read more

Playing Piano For A Living: Everything You Need To Know

From playing background music in restaurants to staging full concerts, pianists can make a living with their passion and skill with the instrument. Keep reading this article and discover the ins and outs of playing piano for a living.  How Much Do Piano Players Make? First, let’s talk about money. How much do pianists make? … Read more