How are Grand Pianos Moved?

Grand pianos can weigh a ton. From baby grands to concert grands, these pianos weigh from 500 lbs (227 kg) to 1200 lbs (544 kg). Aside from their weight, grand pianos have thousands of moving parts so sensitive that jarring movements can cause great damage.  Moving a grand piano can’t be a “we’ll cross that … Read more

Why Do Grand Pianos Vibrate So Much?

The piano is both a stringed and percussion instrument. The hammers striking the strings produce vibrations that are easily felt by anyone with hands on the grand piano. Read on to find out why grand pianos produce this vibration. Do All Grand Pianos Vibrate? All grand pianos vibrate because of how they produce their sound.They … Read more

Why Are Grand Pianos So Expensive?

Grand pianos are expensive because of the materials used to make them. Plus, grand pianos have over 12,000 tiny individual parts. Making a grand piano with perfect acoustics is a labor-intensive process. What is the Price Range for a Grand Piano? The price range of a grand piano varies depending on certain factors.  Typically, an … Read more

Why Are Grand Pianos So Big?

Standard size pianos have 88 keys, making the width for most pianos the same. However, the difference between pianos lies in the length of each piano. Grand pianos are big due to their length and not their width. The difference is due to certain elements in the grand pianos. Below you will find more information … Read more

Are Grand Pianos Any Good?

For many professional pianists, the grand piano is the standard when it comes to quality and sound. Others who have never had a grand piano before may wonder, what’s all the buzz about grand pianos? Why People Love Grand Pianos Grand pianos do not just sound good, they are also aesthetically pleasing. This is why … Read more

Grand Piano Volume – Four Interesting Facts

The structure of grand pianos allows the pianist flexible control over the volume. The dynamic range of the grand piano makes it a magnificent instrument. But just how loud can a grand piano get and what are the effects of its volume?  Read on to find out! How Loud Is A Grand Piano? Grand pianos, … Read more

What Are Grand Pianos Made Of?

Grand pianos are magnificent instruments that produce a rich, high-quality sound. Indeed, grand pianos are often the first choice of many professionals. Manufacturers use only the best materials to make their grand pianos make the best sound. Read on to learn more about the materials in grand pianos: The Components of Grand Pianos & their … Read more

Grand Pianos Vs Upright Pianos – Differences Explained

Grand pianos and upright pianos are the two choices for pianists out there who want to buy their first piano or are looking to upgrade from their old one. Choosing between grand pianos and upright pianos can be confusing without knowing what sets the two styles apart. Here are the main differences between grand pianos … Read more