Why Doesn’t My iRig Work?

Most phones are set up such that when you attach an iRig to them, the music does not go via the phone’s speakers. So, all you have to do to enjoy the sound is put your headsets into the iRig (a headphone port in it). An external speaker can be used instead of headphones, but … Read more

How To Use iRig with Reaper

Learn how to record guitar in Reaper by following these step-by-step directions in this tutorial. This DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is popular among guitarists owing to its user-friendly structure and inexpensive cost. It’s easy to record instruments with Reaper once you’ve set up your audio interface or USB microphone. Proceed by following the instructions below … Read more

How to Use Tonebridge with iRig

Ultimate Guitar provides Tonebridge. Rather than designing a setup from the ground up, the emphasis here is on replicating the tones of great tunes. Songs are available as pedals with album art, allowing you to get a near match to the guitar tone heard on the album right away. The app also works with the … Read more

How To Get iRig to work with Garageband

Assuming you have the necessary equipment, connecting your guitar to Garageband iOS is a breeze. In addition, if ever you want your guitar or bass guitar to be linked to Garageband iOS, all you need is an audio interface. Luckily, the iRig interface comes with all of the necessary cords, so you’ll have everything you … Read more

How To Stop Feedback on iRig

When musicians talk about feedback, it has a negative connotation since it is the name they use to describe the squeak that occurs when the gain on an amplified instrument or mic is set very high. However, when sound is amplified, there are numerous ways through which feedback can occur. In this post, we’ll go … Read more

4 iRig 2 Alternatives

So, you’ve been improvising and composing for a while, and now you’re ready to invest in a fantastic home recording system so you can record your songs. First and foremost, what should be your primary concerns while looking for the best guitar audio interface? So, assuming you’re recording at home, your needs are likely to … Read more

5 Alternatives Of iRig HD

Mobile guitar interfaces are now becoming a hit, especially for musicians who travel a lot. You can really bring your music studio anywhere. That’s why with the release of iRig HD, many musicians were able to play music anytime and anywhere.  Additionally, a new mobile guitar interface from the innovators and trailblazers in mobile music … Read more

5 Cheap Alternatives To iRig 2

Guitar and bass players were able to utilize their iPhones to play, practice, and record for the first time in 2010, thanks to the first iRig, which enabled them to connect their instruments to their iPhone and use applications like as IK’s AmpliTube, Apple’s GarageBand, and hundreds more. As the successor to the iRig 1, … Read more

5 iRig Pro Alternatives

Now you can record on the move with any compatible device and monitor in real-time! So here it is, the ultra-compact iRig Pro I/O for mobile recording! iRig Pro I/O connects all of your studio gear to your PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Android device to play and record on the move. iRig Pro I/O … Read more

4 iRig Pro I/O Alternative

If you spend enough time producing music on a PC or Mac, an input device is a must-have piece of equipment for your studio configuration. The most exemplary audio interface enables you to get high-quality music into and out of your desktop, as well as link other necessary studio equipment and instruments during your live … Read more

5 iRig Pro I/O Alternatives

Get any of your stuff with you on the move, and listen to everything in real-time. iRig Pro I/O is small but robust, ideal for mobile recording and performance needs. The iRig Pro I/O is a compact full-featured audio and MIDI interface, which includes many essential capabilities for mobile recording, in addition to capturing studio-quality … Read more

5 iRig Acoustic Alternatives

iRig Acoustic is probably one of the most convenient acoustic microphones you can get. Unfortunately, it will be tough to locate an acoustic guitar mic less expensive, which isn’t awful for the price. This is a tiny microphone that you can attach to an acoustic guitar or ukulele soundhole to record yourself playing. Should a … Read more