iRig Stream Alternatives

To compete with the PC and Mac-based workplaces that now dominate the market, a rising number of DAWs are dabbling with iOS formats and increasing the software’s functionality. As a result, recording from the comfort of your iPad is now becoming a natural professional alternative. The iPad control’s efficiency in the form of a remote … Read more

5 Alternatives Of iRig MIDI 2

The iRig MIDI 2 is the first mobile MIDI interface that is Lightning/USB compatible and works with all iOS and Android devices. This is through an optional OTG to Mini-DIN connection.  Additionally, it also works with mac and PC. Every element you liked about the iRig MIDI is now more advanced, portable, connected, and controlled … Read more

iRig Nano Amp vs iRig 2

The iRig Nano Amp and iRig 2 have similar specs that any musician will love. In addition, both are interfaces that are made for iOS devices. Furthermore, all iOS products are compatible with these two(2) devices. What if there is a device that is both an interface and an amp? I am sure you will … Read more

iRig 2 vs. TC Helicon

The input gain slider on the iRig 2 offers you the power to assure high-quality sound in any scenario. This means that whether you’re playing a wailing three-humbucker electric guitar or a jazzy archtop, you’ll be equipped to provide your most satisfactory performance.  TC Helicon, on the other hand, allows you to create whenever and … Read more

Shure mVI vs iRig Pro

Music has entered a new stage. You may now listen to music wherever you want from the comfort and privacy, thanks to technological developments. I’ll go through the Shure mVI and iRig Pro audio interfaces in this article. It’s not always necessary to record live broadcasts, podcasts, films (especially music), or any other type of … Read more

Akai MPK Mini vs iRig Keys

MPK small does not require any software drivers or an external power adapter to operate, allowing maximum mobility. It has plug-and-play functionality, USB-MIDI, and can be powered by a single USB connection to your Mac or PC. In addition, you may save hardware/software presets in four memory banks for a quick and easy PC and … Read more

iRig Mic Studio vs. Rode NT USB

All of your best Android and ios platforms are supported with the iRig Mic Studio. In addition, it has a female micro-USB connection as well as a variety of cables. iRig Mic Studio comes with a substantial array of vocal applications that complement its cross-platform versatility for instant recording.  On the other hand, the NT-body … Read more

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs. iRig Pro Duo 4

The Scarlett 2i2 is certified for usage with USB-C iPad Pros. It’s easy to set up and use: Just put it in. Open your favorite music-making program. Listen to Focusrite sound everywhere you go. On the other hand, iRig Pro Duo 4 gives you genuine mobility in a big way. It crams many essential recording … Read more

Blue Yeti vs. iRig Mic HD

Yeti has studio settings for headset volume, pattern choices, quick mute, and microphone amplitude, giving you total control over the recording process. In addition, a 3.5-millimeter headset connector on the Yeti desktop microphone lets you listen to what you’re recording in high definition, with no response delays—no more hearing a note three seconds after you … Read more

Rode sc4 vs iRig 2

This article will discuss two of the essential products that you should have for your music activities. The Rode sc4 and iRig2 are excellent devices you can use to make your music activities more convenient than before. We will also be comparing both these devices to which device you should purchase depending on your preference … Read more

iRig Stream vs Roland Go Mixer

iRig stream and Roland: Go mixer are both used for audio streaming interface; they are compact size, even so, in terms of easiest to use or to set up Roland; Go mixer is a self-contained manual with multiple inputs that can serve depending on your needs. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about the … Read more

Korg plugkey vs iRig midi 2

The Korg plugkey and iRig midi 2 are adorable devices that give the best results for keyboard players. In addition, both devices have different features that it offers. They never let down those artists who put their trust in these devices. We explained the two(2) devices down below. Korg plugkey For people who wish to … Read more