D’Addario EJ16 – Budget Guitar Strings Review

There are a lot of things to love about a set of D’Addario EJ16 acoustic guitar strings.

They sound great, they are easy on the hand, they last a while, and best of all they are inexpensive. In general, the EJ16s offer one of the top acoustic guitar string values around.

I always keep a set as a backup in my gig bag just in case I break a string, no matter what set of strings are on my guitar at the time.


So let’s dig deeper into the nitty-grit. D’Addario uses some relatively advanced construction techniques on their strings. Like most acoustic guitar strings these days, they have a carbon steel core.

One special feature of the core on the EJ16s is that it is hexagonal in shape.

As the phosphor bronze wrap wire is wrapped around the core, the corners of the hexagonal core bite into the wrap wire slightly, which offers a strong bond between the core and wrap wire.

This ultimately translates into a durability feature, as your windings will stay bunched tightly together, which both minimizes dirt and grime from getting inside as well as prevents separation of the winding wire.


The EJ16 tone is relatively easy to summarize.

They sound great.

To elucidate, they sound bright and airy, just like a phosphor bronze string should.

They provide ample and sweet-sounding treble, on par with many 80/20 bronze strings.

They also provide solid bass. They are pretty middle-of-the-road, or in other words, they make a nice all-arounder tonally.

They don’t lean towards any side of the spectrum too much, and as such, they will pair well with a very wide range of guitars.


D’Addario makes an entire line of phosphor bronze strings that are identical to the EJ16, except for the size.

For that reason, you should have no trouble finding a set that is comfortable for your hands and your guitar.

They also make similar strings that are coated, if that’s your fancy.


For a set of phosphor bronze strings, they last a decently long time.

They certainly don’t withstand time and abuse quite like a set of Elixir Nanowebs, but they definitely outperform most sets of standard bronze strings that I have encountered.

Fortunately, they are inexpensive to replace with frequency, so you can put a fresh set on your guitar on the regular without having to take out a second mortgage on your house or anything.


The D’Addario EJ16s represent pretty good value.

They are inexpensive to get into, but one particularly nice feature is that they are easy to buy in bulk at a discounted price.

As such, they are a great string to just buy a ten pack of and stash them in your closet until you need them.

Considering that they are inexpensive and last a little while, they are an excellent choice of string for the financially savvy.


So there you have it. The EJ16s are an overall solid string for the money that produce a great tone. You really can’t go wrong, and it’s worth trying to set out.