Dunlop Guitar Capo

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer


Dunlop Manufacturing Inc is located in Benicia, California. This company manufactures musical accessories including effect units and guitar capos.   Jim Dunlop who is a Scottish Immigrant founded this enterprise in the year 1965 as a part time business.  He first created the Vibra Tuner that was a small device which would attach to the guitar with a suction cup. This device would display if the guitar was properly in tune with the vibration from a small reed in the tuner.

When Jim Dunlop was visiting stores to sell this product, he came to know that guitarists need a good capo to help them play the guitar easily.  Using his broad engineering background Jim Dunlop created the toggle capo.  Jim Dunlop started the business from inside his house, then moved to the garage and finally to a location outside of his residence. In the year 1972, Dunlop started creating picks.  The same year Dunlop moved from Dymo industries into Benicia Industrial Park.  After a few years Jim Dunlop made his way into the Industrial way.

Dunlop now produces a large range of musical accessories such as guitar capos, picks to slides, fret wire and strap retainers. The cry baby wah wah pedal was one of the electronic effects created by this enterprise. Other electronic effects created by Dunlop include the Univibe, MXR and Heil Talkbox.

Dunlop manufactures a range of Capos and the most popular of their range is the trigger capo. This type of device is easy to use, affordable and can be used using only one hand which makes fretting with the other hand possible. Trigger capos are durable and can last up to many years as Dunlop trigger capos are made using aircraft quality metals such as aluminum which ensures durability.  The lighter range of elastic capos can wear down with time.

Types of Trigger Capos

• The Acoustic Dunlop Trigger Capo is created in an ergonomic shape and has padded handles to make fret positioning easy. The spring clamp of this device is strong which ensures that the device is firmly clamped in place. This device is available in 5 finishes that are black, maple, gold, nickel and smoked chrome. The acoustic capos are available in flat and curved models.
• The Electric Dunlop Trigger Capo’s shape is similar to that of the acoustic capo however; the electric capo is especially designed for electric guitars with narrow fret boards. This device is available in 5 colors which include but are not limited to black and nickel finishes. The electric capos are available in flat and curved models. A curved Capo is suitable for a Fender guitar.

Other Capos

• Some of the other types of capos sold by Dunlop include regular elastic capos, elastic heavy capo, elastic flat capo, elastic double heavy capo and elastic heavy single capo.
• Dunlop also offers a premium range that consists of C clamp capos, Picker’s Pal capos and Victor Capos. The Toggle Capo range includes the Deluxe Professional capo, Advanced Guitar Capo and Professional Capo. Banjo Trigger Capos and Classical Trigger Capos are two of the other products created by Dunlop.