Elixir Nanoweb Guitar Strings Review

From pretty much every perspective, the Elixir Nanowebs are a great set of strings.

From tone to longevity to value, they have it all! The following review is going to delve into exactly what makes the Nanowebs so good.


The Elixir Nanowebs have a steel core wrapped in bronze or phosphor bronze wire, much like most other guitar strings.

However, unlike other guitar strings, they are then coated with a polymer that is designed to be ultra-thin. This polymer coating is designed to cover the string in its entirety, which keeps moisture, dirt, and other substances out of the winding.

This provides the string with a barrier from corrosion-inducing agents, which in turn keeps your string sounding sweet for longer.

The polymer is also designed to be extra smooth, which has a couple of benefits.

The first is that it feels extremely slippery against your fingers as you move up and down your guitar neck, reducing friction and drag on your hand and generally making your playing more comfortable.

The second, which affects the first to some degree, is that it prevents dirt and grime from getting trapped in the coating itself, which keeps the string feeling smooth for a longer period of time.


In short, the Nanowebs sound good.

They are generally bright, although slightly less so than a comparable set of non-coated strings.

If you have a guitar with an extremely strong treble, these might pull it back a little bit. If you have a guitar with weak treble, you might be left wanting, but this would be only in extreme cases.


These strings can be had in many different flavors and sizes.

They are available for both acoustic and electric guitars and come in a myriad of different sizes ranging from extra light all the way up to heavy.

To phrase it plainly, if you have a size you like, you can get a set of Elixir Nanowebs in your size.

String Life

The strings last a really long time. Compared to an average guitar string lifespan, they typically last me five times as long.

The reason for this is that you essentially have to degrade the coating to the point where it no longer protects the string from corrosion, or to the point where it becomes noticeably rough on the hands.

This is nice because it means you have to replace your strings less often, which saves a lot of hassle over time.


Well, let’s break out the pencil and paper and do some quick calculations to see where Elixir Nanowebs rank on the value guitar strings spectrum.

They last five times as long as a normal string set, but only cost three times as much.

The logic follows that these strings represent a good value.

In fact, they are cheaper to run over the long run than a regular set so in a certain light they could be viewed as budget guitar strings if you are willing to incur the initial cost.

At the end of the day, they are economy guitar strings, despite the cost of entry.


So that’s it!

The Elixir Nanowebs are an excellent set of strings that represent a great value.

I strongly recommend picking up a set to try out to see if you like the tone!