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Nick Campling is the proprietor of the company G7th The Capo Company. Nick Campling is responsible not only for overseeing designing but also manufacturing of the capos created by his company. Earlier on, Nick Campling was the managing director of a designing company however; he left this organization to concentrate on creating new and better capos for guitarists around the world.
Chris Samwell is on the Board of the G7th Company and he is responsible for the styling of the G7th Capo range. Noel Sheehan is the Managing Directory of the Company Sheehans and he is a specialized retailer based in United Kingdom, England.

G7th believe strongly in customer satisfaction hence offers replacements if any buyers have received defective products. The capo replacements are given free of charge anywhere in the world provided that the original capo is returned to the company at their address.

The first Capo created by the company G7th was the Performance Capo. In an attempt to meet the requirements in the market for good quality lightweight capos, G7th invented the Nashville capo. This company also intends to create new models of capos in the next few years.

G7th Performance Capo


G7th Performance Capo

The G7th Performance Capo is used mainly for 6 string acoustic guitars, 6 string electric guitars and classic guitars. This capo has a revolutionary design which allows precise placement and clamping to the desired fret without pulling or bending the guitar’s strings. This capo doesn’t cause guitars to go out of tune, in fact it helps beginner and advanced guitarists play the song of their choice with ease.

To use this device, the guitarist will have to push the small black lever to release the arms and then position the device just behind the desired fret. After this, the lever has to be squeezed to tighten either from above or below and finally the black lever has to be pressed to release the guitar.

The G7th Performance Capo has to be squeezed into place by using one hand and then released using the lever located at the back of the device. When this capo is not being used it can be stored near the guitar’s headstock. Since this capo has a wrap spring clutch mechanism it is adjustable and easy to use.

G7th Newport Capo


G7th Newport Capo

This lightweight capo allows for both fast and accurate capo placement. When positioned into place the G7th Newport Capo allows fine tune adjustment on the fret board.

To use this instrument only a small amount of pressure has to be applied since this lightweight device doesn’t have thick rubber on it. This stylish capo is usually used by beginner guitarists who want to use a high quality instrument that doesn’t weigh too much. This lightweight capo is also attractive even though it has a simple design. This capo can also be rested on the headstock when not in use.

G7th Nashville Capo


G7th Nashville Capo

This guitarist is meant for professional players who want fast changes while on a stage or playing in front of an audience.

This device is both easily applied and easily adjusted with one hand. The spring loaded mechanism is meant for both acoustic and electric guitars.

The pivot point of this capo is behind the guitar’s neck rather than the side which makes tuning an easier task. This device is available in three colors that are; silver, black and gold plated finishes. Like the other capos, the Nashville capo can be rested on the headstock when it is not being used.

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G7th Special Edition Capos


G7th Celtic Capo

The Celtic Capo has been created by Pat Gallagher. The design on this capo represents the search for the soul and the ever expanding universe. The Celtic knot on this G7th Special Edition Capo symbolizes the connectedness of the universe.


G7th Swarovski Capo

The Swarovski limited edition capo is studded with Swarovski crystals and the hand finishing of this device is perfect to say the least. This capo is meant for both 6 string acoustic and electric guitars. The capo is sold in a beautifully crafted wooden box.


G7th Gold Capo

The Gold and Platinum Limited Edition Performance Capo is for 6 string acoustics and electric guitars. This capo is ideal for people who are looking for attractive yet simple designed capos.