How To Move A Yamaha Clavinova Piano

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

The Yamaha Clavinova Series is one of Yamaha’s latest generation of pianos. Piano from these series are very compact and are made to imitate the power and performance of a concert grand. 

With its elegant and fine tone, it is no surprise that this series has been timeless and influential in the past fifty years. Due to this, it has been the choice of many pianists around the world despite its hefty price tag. 

The cheapest digital piano from the series costs $2,299 while the most expensive one goes for $19,999. To some, having a piano is a symbol of social class and wealth, while others see pianos as a symbol of stability. 

No matter how you view owning a piano, there is no denying that it is an attractive and valuable piece of furniture to have at home. This is primarily because of its size, shape, and quality. As a large piece of furniture, it is highly essential to move whenever renovating a house or when repositioning furniture in your respective homes.

So, if you own a Yamaha Clavinova which is bigger and heavier than your usual digital piano, hare some of the important factors to remember and consider before moving them from one place to the other.

Is It Possible To Move A Digital Piano By Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to move a digital piano alone especially since digital pianos are designed to be portable compared to a traditional acoustic piano which will certainly require you to hire a piano mover. 

In the case of the Yamaha Clavinova digital piano series, it is preferable to get a helping hand to move them around. Pianos from this series are quite bigger and heavier than your average digital piano or concert keyboard since they are specifically made to imitate the power and performance of an actual concert grand.

To give you a perspective about these pianos, here is a table consisting of the weight and dimension of every Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano from its three series.


NameDimensions(Width x Height x Depth)Weight
CLP-795 GP1,430mm x 932mm x 1,237mm277lb or 126kg  
CLP-7851,461mm x 1,027mm x 476mm
Polished Finish: 1,467mm x 1,029mm x 477mm
185lb or 84kg
Polished Finish: 191lb or 87kg
CLP-7751,461mm x 967mm x 465mm
Polished Finish: 1,466mm x 970mm x 465mm
156lb or 71kg
Polished Finish: 163lb or 74kg
CLP-7651,430mm x 932mm x 1,147mm 233lb or 106kg
CLP-7451,461mm x 927mmx 459mm
Polished Finish: 1,466mm x 930mm x 459mm
132lbs or 60kg
Polished Finish: 138lb or 63kg
CLP-7351,461mm x 927mm x 459mm
Polished Finish: 1,466mm x 930mm x 459mm
125lb or 57kg
Polished Finish: 132lb or 60kg
CLP-7251,350mm x 849mm x 414mm

Polished Finish: 1,353mm x 851mm x 415mm
94lb or 43kg
Polished Finish: 99lb or 45kg


Name Dimensions(Width x Height x Depth)Weight
CSP-1701,412mm x 1,040mm x 465mm
Polished Finish: 1,418mm x 1,040mm x 466mm
174lb or 67kg
Polished Finish: 152lb or 69 kg
CSP-1501,412mm x 1,040mm x 465mm
Polished Finish: 1,418mm x 1,040mm x 466mm
127lb or 58kg 
Polished Finish: 134lb or 61kg 


Name Dimensions(Width x Height x Depth)Weight
CVP-809GP1,430mm x 913mm x 1,236mm275lb or 125kg

What Is The Most Effective And Efficient Method In Moving A Digital Piano?

The most effective and efficient way to move a Clavinova or any digital piano is to disassemble them.

 Although some models may vary depending on the part that can be disassembled, the majority of digital pianos have detachable legs. This is to make transportation more hassle-free and to ensure that you can easily transport the digital piano through tight spaces.

Before doing so, it is crucial to first read the owner’s manual, specifically the assembly instructions to give you a background on the right method to disassemble your digital piano. 

Here is also a list of things you must do whenever disassembling and transporting your digital piano:

  • Always secure the screw and other parts/accessories of the digital in one place or box to ensure that you don’t lose them.
  • It is essential to keep the keyboard in a horizontal position whenever transporting them, especially for long trips or periods. 
  • Avoid placing anything above the keyboard unit.
  • Be careful and precautious not to drop or bump the piano to avoid any damage.

Is It Safe To Move A Digital Piano’s Keyboard Vertically Or Tilted?

Yes, it is safe to move a digital piano’s keyboard vertically or tilted especially if it is just for a short period, like tilting it to fit through small door spaces. A digital piano would not incur any damages and can freely move tilted or rotated as long as it is not bumped or dropped. 

However, for long-duration transport, it is highly recommended to keep a digital piano keyboard in a horizontal position. This is because the mechanism or structure of the digital piano is specifically created for horizontal placement. 

A great tip is to place protection in the form of bubble wraps and styrofoam on the digital piano’s edges, corners, and bottom when moving them to minimize the impact if ever it gets bumped or dropped.

Why Do You Need An Extra Hand When Moving A Digital Piano?

It is highly advisable to have someone around to assist you whenever you plan on moving a digital piano. This is primarily for safety purposes, especially since not everyone has heavy lifting skills. An extra pair of hands can help the transportation easier and make the load lighter, and an extra pair of eyes can help you maneuver through tight spaces and around furniture. 

It does not specifically imply that you should hire a piano mover but anyone from the family, friends, or neighbors who you think can carry half the piano’s load can certainly make the job easier.