How To Update Clavinova Firmware

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

An update to your firmware is exactly what it sounds like — it’s an update. Many Yamaha digital pianos have firmware updates available that will deliver a variety of changes to your keyboard. 

What you see on the screen, the buttons, and the functionality that these instruments offer are all essentially part of their firmware. Updates to the firmware are modifications made by the manufacturer to enhance functionality. 

In this article, I will be going through the steps to update your Clavinova firmware.

Why Do I Need To Update My Yamaha Clavinova Firmware?

You will be able to utilize the device better and discover newly added features by updating the firmware. Your device’s features and operation are enhanced by a firmware upgrade. It can offer solutions for any performance problems that might arise. A firmware upgrade also aids a device’s ability to compete with more recent versions in the ever-evolving world of technological advancements.

For instance, Yamaha released Genos version 2 last year, which added more voices and styles, increased the expansion memory from 1.8GB to 3GB, and caught up to the SX series by adding the “Chord Looper” function

This goes to prove that firmware updates are significant to make your playing experience better. 

Important Notes Before Updating Your Clavinova Firmware

When you’re planning to update your Clavinova firmware to the latest version, make sure that you only use the data files available directly from the Yamaha website or via your network connection. Never try to use any other data files from sources other than Yamaha’s website because you risk being hacked or, worse, having your firmware corrupted.

Follow the instructions carefully and do not attempt any other procedures that are not listed in the Yamaha instructions. 

The Yamaha Limited Warranty does not apply to any parts or services needed to correct improper functioning caused by improperly updated instruments.

To be guided, use this link Yamaha Firmware Updates when downloading the firmware data before proceeding with the steps listed below. 

Firmware Update Guide On Clavinova Series Using A USB

Follow these steps below to update your Clavinova’s firmware.

1. Prepare To Update The Firmware

Before you update the firmware, make sure that you have a USB flash drive with enough storage space. In this case, you will need a flash drive with at least 32 MB of free storage.

Use the list as a guide to locate the firmware file for your Clavinova series model. After you have found it, copy it to your USB flash drive’s file system.

2. Update The Firmware

  1. Ensure that your Clavinova is turned off during the update
  2. Attach the USB flash drive, along with the copied firmware into the terminal named USB [TO DEVICE].
  3. Press the B1 key and hold it while at the same time turning on your Clavinova.
    1. Keep holding the B1 key while your Clavinova is turning on. Let go once you see the display message “Booter ver.1.00… Now Loading”
  4. When the display shows the message “Installer”, press the [PLAY/PAUSE] button to install the update. 
  5. Refer to the photo below on where to find the [PLAY/PAUSE] button on your Clavinova CLP series.
  6. Once again, press the [PLAY/PAUSE] button for the second time to carry out or execute the update.
  7. You will know if the firmware is updating once the message displays “Now installing” along with the percentage of the update.
    1. Depending on the firmware data, the update can take approximately 10 minutes or less to finish. 

Precautions While The Firmware Is Updating:

  • Do not turn your Clavinova off.
  • Do not remove your USB flash drive during the update or else you’ll have to restart the process all over again.
  • Refer to the troubleshooting section if you experience any problems during the update.

3. Update Complete

  1. Once your Clavinova firmware has successfully completed its update, the display message will reveal “Completed. Turn power off.”
  2. Once done, follow the instructions and turn your Clavinova off.
  3. After your Clavinova is turned off, you may remove the USB flash drive.
  4. Press the C7 key and hold it once the USB flash drive is removed. Then, while holding the C7 key, turn your Clavinova back on to reset it to its default settings. If you’re worried about whether this will delete the User MIDI songs, it won’t. 
  5. Your Clavinova is now updated to the latest firmware.

4. How To Confirm The Installed Firmware Version

  1. To confirm the installed version, turn your Clavinova on. 
  2. Locate the [FUNCTION] button and press it a few times until you arrive at the SYSTEM Menu.
  3. Once you’re on the SYSTEM Menu, press the [V] button a few times until you arrive at UTILITY. 
  4. Press the [>] button after selecting UTILITY. 
  5. Press the [V] button a few times until it scrolls you down to VERSION. Press the [>] button to Enter. 
  6. The version number of your Clavinova will be displayed. 

5. Troubleshooting 

  1. If the power was turned off during the update, or the USB flash drive was accidentally removed, your only option is to restart the process all over again. You have to go back to Step 1 and proceed from there. 
  2. If an error message appeared while your Clavinova is updating, consider the following:
    • Ensure that your USB flash drive is inserted properly.
    • Check whether the USB terminal/port is clean. If there is dust and dirt present, clean it first before inserting your USB flash drive again.
    • Verify that the firmware data in your USB flash drive is located at the root of the drive’s file system. 
    • Make sure the firmware information/data is the right one for your Clavinova model.
    • Ensure that the USB flash drive is not faulty or corrupt. Otherwise, try a different one.