iRig Acoustic VS iRig Acoustic Stage

IK Multimedia has produced several interfaces that helped musicians enjoy their music conveniently. This article will compare two of their famous products, which are the iRig Acoustic and iRig Acoustic Stage. These products have particular benefits that would help make music. However, despite their similarities, these products also have differences that you need to know. 

The iRig Acoustic might be a great option, especially if you’re fond of playing instruments anytime and anywhere. However, suppose you’re looking for a high-tech solution that could precisely reproduce the sound of an acoustic guitar with studio quality. In that case, you might want to check out iRig Acoustic Stage. If you’re looking to know more about these fantastic devices, then this article will be perfect for you.

iRig Acoustic

IK Multimedia is known for producing high-tech solutions for musicians, and iRig Acoustic is one of the first products they introduced. The iRig Acoustic is a microphone pick-up that any musician can attach to their instruments to produce music via phone or gadgets. 

One great thing about this device is that you won’t have any problems installing it as it’s made for your convenience. Using iRig Acoustic will undoubtedly improve the quality of your sound and give you the freedom to play and record anytime and anywhere. 

Pros of iRig Acoustic

  • A reliable product with user-friendly features.
  • Play your instrument anytime and anywhere.
  • Portable.
  • A great benefit to acoustic guitars that don’t have pick-ups. 

iRig Acoustic Stage

With IK Multimedia’s iRig Acoustic Stage, musicians can now produce high-quality studio music. For starters, this device is a revolutionary digital microphone system that improves the sound of any acoustic guitars. For musicians who love recording, the iRig Acoustic Stage would be a great option. Additionally, this device has a compact microphone that you can easily attach to your guitar soundhole. So, it’s pretty much convenient in every way. 

Pros of iRig Acoustic Stage

  • One of the primary advantages of using the iRig Acoustic Stage is that it can easily be installed. 
  • Record with quality and efficiency. 
  • More features to explore to produce high-quality studio music. 
  • Can be a great device when performing live as it cancels unnecessary noises around you. 

iRig Acoustic VS iRig Acoustic Stage

iRig AcousticiRig Acoustic Stage
INPUTSN/A• 2.5mm MEMS Microphone Input
• 1 x 6.3mm (¼”) TS AUX Input
OUTPUTS3.5mm (1/8″) Headphone Out• 6.3mm (¼”)TS Line -level, low impedance out
• Micro USB
CONTROLSGain ControlBlend Control
MONITORINGSoftwareSoftware & Direct (THRU) 6.35mm (¼”) Monitoring
COMPATIBILITYiOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) (onboard or via adaptor)• iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad)
• Mac
• Android
SIZESize: 31.7mm/1.25″ x 32.2mm/1.27″ x 18.8mm/0.74″101mm/3.98” x 72.3mm/2.85” x 23mm/0.91”(belt clip excluded)
WEIGHTSWeight: 20g/0.71oz99g/3.49oz (batteries excluded)
• FREE Stomp for AmpliTube
• Acoustic iOS
• AmpliTube CS for iPhone
• AmpliTube CS for iPad
• AmpliTube Custom Shop
WARRANTYOne YearOne Year


When it comes to their differences, iRig Acoustic Stage is more high-tech and can produce better sounds. However, both products can also be helpful in their function. Both are made specifically for acoustic guitars, and they can produce high-quality sounds as well. The only difference they have is that iRig Acoustic Stage is more high-tech and suitable for playing live. Still, both IK Multimedia products are great devices for musicians.