iRig Nano Amp vs iRig 2

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

The iRig Nano Amp and iRig 2 have similar specs that any musician will love. In addition, both are interfaces that are made for iOS devices. Furthermore, all iOS products are compatible with these two(2) devices. What if there is a device that is both an interface and an amp? I am sure you will definitely love it. And yes, there is a device that can give you both the experience.

The iRig Nano Amp is a 2 in 1 device that can be an interface for iOS devices and an amplifier for your guitar. This is the reason why the iRig Nano Amp is better than the regular iRig 2 device. In addition, if you want to compare and know the specs of both devices, feel free to read and explore this article.

iRig Nano Amp

The iRig Nano Amp by IK Multimedia is a small and compact, pocket-sized guitar amplifier that can also be an interface for iOS devices. In addition, it is a portable guitar amplifier good for practicing that fits easily in a backpack, sling bag, or purse. Furthermore, merely plugging in the iRig Nano amp activates a British tone stack design with Volume Controls, Gain, and Tone. 

Pro’s of iRig Nano Amp

  • iRig circuitry included for iOS connection
  • 2 in 1 device (interface/amp)

iRig 2

Input gain control, a 1/4-inch amplifier output connector, and Android smartphone compatibility are all included in the IK Multimedia iRig2. As a result, musicians may connect a wire to their preferred amp as well as their headphones without the need for an adaptor. In addition, IK’s AmpliTube, which runs on your phone, gives you access to IK’s extensive collection of other devices.

The built-in universal 1/8-inch TRRS output connection of the iRig 2 is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and Android devices. In addition, it contains a reliable cross-platform suite of tools and programs, it also includes free AmpliTube versions for Android and iOS devices.

Pro’s of iRig 2

  • Small and easy to carry
  • Can be charge while using
  • Price is for the people
  • Awesome sound quality

Con’s of iRig 2

  • Onboard volume control not included
  • Has feedback problems

iRig Nano Amp vs iRig 2

iRig Nano AmpiRig 2
INPUT• 1/4″ guitar input
• 380 kOhms (Input Impedance)
1x Hi-Z Instrument input
OUTPUT• 1/4″ speaker output
• Can drive cabinets of different impedances – from 8 to 16 Ohms (Output Impedance)
• 3.5mm (1/8″) Headphone Out
• 6.35mm (1/4″) Amplifier Out
CONTROLSGain and Volume ControlGain Control
CONNECTION TYPETRRS cable for connection to an iOS device3.5mm (1/8″) TRRS (CTIA/AHJ Wiring Standard)
MONITORINGSoftware & Direct MonitoringSoftware & Direct (THRU) 6.35mm (1/4″) monitoring
COMPATIBILITYiOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod) – (Compatible with iphone 7and lower versions)iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod) – (Compatible with iphone X and lower versions)
SIZE159mm/6.26″ x 89mm/3.5″ x 45mm/1.77″40mm/1.57″ x 110mm/4,33″ x 34mm/1.34″
WEIGHTS250g/8.8oz(batteries excluded)250g/8.8oz(batteries excluded)


• AmpliTube CS for iPhone
• AmpliTube CS for iPad
• FREE Mic Pack for VocaLive for iPhone/iPad
• FREE Pro Bundle for iRig Recorder for iPhone/iPad
• Mic Room Essentials Bundle for Mic Room for iOS
• FREE Microphones for Mic Room iOS
• Cubasis LE
• Mic Room
• iRig ASIO Driver for Windows
WARRANTYOne (1) Year Warranty PARTS, Ninety (90) Days Warranty LABOROne (1) Year Warranty PARTS, Ninety (90) Days Warranty LABOR


You will definitely love what the iRig 2 can give you. But if you are a person who likes to use one device for different purposes, then the iRig Nano Amp is the best for you because it is an amplifier and an interface as well.