Kyser Quick Change Capo

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This is one of the most popular electric stringed instrument capos mainly since it was the first claim styled designed capos that could be set and moved with the use of one hand.

This easy to use Capo for electric guitars is created using light weight metal such as aluminum which makes it easy for guitarists to carry, fit and use with most necks of electric guitars. This device is simple to use and is a favorite amongst many electronic guitarists.

Kyser offers a variety of Capos for beginners and advanced guitarists. The Kyser partial capos made their first appearance around the year 1999 and ever since their invention; many guitarists vouch for these devices due to their effectiveness and ease of use. The Quick Change Guitar capos are considered to be the best devices offered by Kyser since Quick Change Capos are attractive, easy to use, durable and affordable. The quick change capos are available in various colors such as black, white, silver, red, gold, pink, blue and freedom colors.

Quick Change Capos and other Capos by Kyser

• The Kyser Quick Change 12 String Acoustic Guitar Capo is used by professional guitarists who need a capo that has both precision and power to clamp all 12 strings. The standard 12 string quick change capo weighs 0.8 ounces. This device snaps to reposition between frets and only one hand is needed to park the device on the head stock.

• The Kyser Quick Change 6 String Acoustic Guitar Capo is made out of strong and light weight aluminum and is used by guitarists who want to operate the capo with one hand while using the other hand to fret the board. The 6 string capo is the most popular type of quick release capo and comes in various colors including black. The spring tension clamp of this capo maintains intonation. The weight of this device is 2.4 ounces.

• Other capos offered by Kyser include but are not limited to the Electric capo, Drop D capo, Freedom capo, K Lever Double Drop D capo and K Lever Open G capo. Limited edition blue, red and white capos are also offered by Kyser.

Advantages of Kyser Short Cut Capos

• The main advantage of these capos is that they can be popped on and off almost instantly. • The rubber foot of the capo creates a pleasant tone and Kyser capos do not need to be adjusted since there are no screws. • Kyser capos also fit narrow finger boards like those of Fender electrics.

• Since Kyser capos come in a variety of colors, these capos are attractive.

Few Disadvantages of Kyser Short Cut Capos

• Kyser capos do not come with an instructions booklet which makes it hard for beginners to use. Luckily for beginners and amateurs, there are many helpful articles on the internet that elaborate on how to use these devices. • Since spring capos tend to grow weaker with constant use, these capos may not be capable of handle guitars with 12 heavy strings. If used roughly then the springs can snap after a while. • Although the tension of partial capos cannot be adjusted and the spring mechanism is quite visible, some guitarists believe that the tension of these capos can be adjusted by bending the capo slightly.

• The rubber tends to wear off after a while; however if used carefully then the rubber may take several years to wear off.