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Martin LX1 FAQs (Important Questions Answered)

Martin LX1 FAQs (Important Questions Answered)

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

What Size Is the Martin LX1 Guitar?

The Little Martin LX1 dimensions are as follows:

  • Scale: 23″ (two inches less than full-size guitar)
  • Body Length: 15″
  • Overall Length” 34″
  • Body Width: 12″
  • Body Depth: 3″

What Is The Difference Between Th Martin LX1 and LX1E?

The ‘E’ in the mode LX1E stands for Ed, as in Ed Sheeran the famous music artist. It was a limited edition model, based on the exact model Ed Sheeran uses. While the Martin LX1 does not include a pickup, the LX1E did include a pickup. However, the LX1E is no longer available.

What Is the Difference Between Martin LX1 and LX1R?

The main difference between the Martin LX1 and LX1R is that the LX1R includes a Fishman pickup system, and pickguard as well as some other minor differences.

Is the Martin LX1E a Good Guitar?

The Martin LX1E is a great student or travel guitar.

What Strings Come on Martin LX1?

Martin LX1 guitars and other cheaper Martin guitars come with Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings.

Where Is The Martin LX1 Made?

Martin has guitar production facilities in both the USA and Mexico. The more expensive models are built in the USA, but the LX! is made in Mexico.

Where to Buy a 2nd Hand Martin LX1?

Used Martin LX1s can be bought in all the usual places you buy second-hand gear. I would personally check Craigslist, eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace for a secondhand Martin LX1 in the first instance.

What Is the Best Capo For Martin LX1?

You can use any standard capo for steel-string acoustic guitars. Even though the Martin LX1 is a smaller travel guitar, the same full-size capos are fine.

What Is The Best Case for Martin LX1?

Martin LX1’s are designed as a travel guitar, so by default come with a great padded soft case. This is a very high-quality soft case and is sufficient for the majority of situations. If you want to upgrade to a hard case, you could shop around for a hard guitar case with the relevant dimensions,

Can You Get A Left-Handed Martin LX1?

Yes, Martin LX1’s are produced in both left-handed and right-handed models.

Does the Little Martin LX1 Have a Pickguard?

The base model LX1 does not include a pickguard. However, the more expensive LX1R does include a pickguard. You could either get a pickguard and attach it to the base model LX1, or buy the more expensive LX1R that has this already in place.

Martin LX1 Price – How Much Is A Martin LX1?

Little Martin LX1 guitars start at price at $369 and increase up to $499. The main differences between these price points are whether the LX1 has a pickup installed and whether it includes a spruce top, or laminated. Spruce top guitars are more expensive than laminate top guitars and laminate is a much cheaper material to obtain and work with, but also produces an inferior sound to real timber spruce tops.

What Is the Martin LX1 Scale Length?

The Martin LX1 has a scale length of 23″. This is approximately 2″ shorter than the scale of a standard full-size guitar, which is 25″.

Can I Put Nylon Strings On A Martin LX1?

It is potentially possible to fit nylon strings to your Martin LX1, but it is not recommended. If you do choose to do this you will need to find nylon strings with ballpoint ends, not the usual nylon strings end that you tie to the bridge, and be prepared that you might not get the same string tension and playability you experience with steel strings, and nylon strings are designed in a different way, with higher string action.

Martin LX1 Alternatives

The Martin LX1 is designed as a travel guitar, given its smaller size and budget, but is also a great option to consider as a student guitar.

Similar guitars from other brands that meet the same criteria, and target the same players are the Baby Taylor, Taylor GS Mini and the Martin Dreadnought Junion is another guitar worth checking out.

Where Is The Best Place To Learn More About Martin LX1s?

The most up to date and authoritative information about Martin LX1s can be found at the Martin Guitars website: