Zoom U44 vs Irig Pro Duo

Zoom’s U-44 Handy Audio Interface lets you record and monitor up to four channels simultaneously, whether you’re in the studio or on the go with your iPad. The U-44 features all the connectors you’ll need for microphones, line-level sources, guitars, and more.  On the other hand,  iRig Pro Duo, a fully universal “all-platform” portable recording … Read more

Ampkit Link HD vs iRig HD

The Ampkit Link HD and iRig HD have a lot in common. In addition, they are almost the same when it comes to outer appearance. But the iRig HD surpasses the Ampkit Link HD when it comes to the features of the interface. Moreover, to know better about the two(2) interfaces, feel free to explore … Read more

Ampkit Link Vs. iRig 2

Today, we’ll compare and contrast the Ampkit link and iRig 2 guitar interfaces. These two devices can quickly generate and deliver high-quality music. Still, most people choose the iRig interface because of its total value, which includes a high-quality audio interface at a reasonable price. Ampkit Link AmpKit LiNK HD is an all-digital guitar interface … Read more

iRig Pro Duo vs Apogee Duet

The future of music is here. With all the high-tech innovations, you can now play music anytime and anywhere within your comfort. In this article, I’m going to talk about the iRig Pro Duo and Apogee Duet.  So, whether you’re recording live streams, podcasts, videos, especially music, sometimes you don’t do it in your studio. … Read more

iRig Pre HD vs iRig Pro I/O

The iRig Pre HD and iRig Pro I/O are the same in many things. A good example is when it comes to the convenience that it offers to your daily music activities. They also provide a user-friendly overall, which makes it easy to use. Hence, you should maximize this device to your advantage to keep … Read more

iRig HD Vs Apogee Jam

The iRig HD and the Apogee Jam share many similarities. And when it comes to looks, they are nearly identical. However, the iRig HD outperforms the Apogee Jam in terms of interface features such as bundled applications, connection type, controls, and outputs. Browse the two (2) interfaces further down below to learn more about them. … Read more

iRig 2 vs Vox Amplug 2

The iRig 2 is a fantastic device you can use to enable you to elevate your performance. It allows you to record with its multipurpose functions for your music essentials. The simplicity that it offers will only require you to plug in this device and play your music. However, many also consider it a swiss … Read more

iRig Pre HD vs iRig Pro I/O

The iRig Pre HD and iRig Pro I/O are suitable devices that can help you achieve the quality audio you are looking for in your recording and content. However, both of these products offer the same efficiency that answers to the needs that you want for your daily recording needs when it comes to functionalities. … Read more

iRig HD 2 Vs. iRig Pre HD

This post will compare the iRig HD 2 and iRig Pre HD from IK Multimedia and see which one is the best in terms of performance and value. Without question, these devices can create incredible sound quality, but the iRig Pre HD has the advantage of USB A and Lightning dual output choices to expand … Read more

iRig Acoustic VS iRig Acoustic Stage

IK Multimedia has produced several interfaces that helped musicians enjoy their music conveniently. This article will compare two of their famous products, which are the iRig Acoustic and iRig Acoustic Stage. These products have particular benefits that would help make music. However, despite their similarities, these products also have differences that you need to know.  … Read more

iRig 2 vs iRig Acoustic Stage

This article will compare the iRig2 and the iRig Acoustic Stage and help you decide which product you should consider for your next purchase. Both of the products have distinct advantages that will help you record your music better. However, every individual has different needs and wants. The iRig 2 is a great option to … Read more

iRig 2 Vs iRig Acoustic

With the situation today, musicians are spending more time making music in their homes. Also, they have limited to no time to spend outside of their property just to do rehearsals. Fortunately, IK Multimedia made it possible for musicians to enjoy playing their instruments using their smartphones.  In this article, we will compare two of … Read more