Savarez 540R Alliance HT Classic Guitar Strings Review

Many of the strings we’ve talked about in other reviews are mainstream, mass-marketed products, but there are also a handful of lesser-known luxury strings available if you search hard enough.

In the realm of classical guitar, Savarez is typically marketed as a higher-end boutique brand, and for good reason: these strings offer a number of advantages that cheaper strings simply cannot compete with.

It should be noted that the Savarez 540R’s are classical guitar strings; players should not attempt to string these on a standard acoustic guitar, as the instrument will not be set up to handle such a low amount of tension.


By far the most popular reasoning behind the purchase of Savarez 540R’s is the superior sound quality these strings offer.

As always, it’s hard to put words to the characteristics of sound, but the 540R’s are often described as brighter and more present than similar strings.

In fact, a brief search online will reveal dozens of players that switched to these strings solely for the purpose of livening up an otherwise dark or dull instrument. Keep in mind that if your instrument is already rather bright in tone, these strings will further accentuate that brightness, perhaps beyond a point of satisfaction.

Seeing as these are rather tight, bright strings meant for a classical guitar, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear these strings in a flamenco setting.

However, other genres, such as more traditional classical guitar or even Hawaiian are also well suited to these strings, and players shouldn’t be too afraid of experimenting with other styles and genres.

Basic Construction

Being classical guitar strings, the upper and lower sets of three strings are constructed using entirely different methods.

The upper strings are plain, monofilament strings, very similar to what one would find in just about every other type of string.

In contrast, the bottom three strings consist of a filament wound in with a wrapped string in a “traditional manner”, according to Savarez’s online description.

This combination of constructions styles actually gives Savarez a rather well-balanced final product; the bass strings provide a very solid foundation on which the punchier higher strings sit which makes for nice tonal interplay and dynamics.


Being luxury strings, one would hope that the Savarez 540R’s are long-lasting; fortunately, this desire appears to be fulfilled.

Many players report these strings as lasting for months, which is quite a long time compared to most guitar strings.

Of course, the lifespan is entirely dependent on how often one practice, meaning those who spend hours a day slaving away on their fretboard shouldn’t expect these strings to last nearly as long.

Another advantage of these strings is their ability to stay in tune.

After proper stretching, one should expect these strings to hold their tuning quite well, especially in comparison to many of the cheaper classical guitar strings on the market.

This definitely adds a lot to the value of the Savarez 540R’s, as any player can tell you that having to stop and tune is enough to jolt one completely out of the creative flow.

Price and Availability

One of the downsides of the Savarez 540R’s (or any Savarez string, for that matter) is their relative unavailability in many stores.

While one might be able to find them at larger, big-box music retailers, there’s a decent chance that these strings won’t be available in smaller music stores.

Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s fairly easy to find access to the internet (which you have obviously done already), which should make it quite a bit easier to find the Savarez 540Rs.

Both smaller, music-focused websites and larger, more generalized retailers stock these strings; you just have to hunt around or take the easy way out and get them from Amazon.

Being a higher quality, exclusive string, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Savarez 540R’s clock is at a higher price point than many of its competitors.

Typically, these strings sell from about $15-$20 per pack, though deals can be found.

While this is roughly twice as expensive as many comparable strings, the extended lifespan and utterly fantastic tones definitely make up for the few extra bucks.

For this reason, we recommend the Savarez strings as a great value for players looking for something special to put on their classical guitar.