Squier Guitar FAQs – Squier Questions Answered

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In this article, we provide answers to some of the most common questions we hear about Squier guitars.

Are Squier Guitars Bad?

Squier guitars are not bad per se. They are designed as cheap, entry-level guitars for new and inexperienced players. 

They provide a way for people to access the great styles of the Fender range, at a much cheaper price.

Given they are targeted at the beginner players, they are of a lesser quality compared to the Fender guitars, but in most cases, they are of adequate quality for a beginner player.

Like any guitar that has been mass-produced, some of them come out unusually bad, and some of them come out unusually well, so it is best to either play the guitar with your hands before buying it or buy from an online retailer that has a very good returns policy in case the Squire that you get, is one of the unusually bad ones.

But overall, Squier guitars provide very good value for money.

Why Do People Not Like Squier Guitars?

Many people give Squire guitars a bad name, claiming they are of very poor quality. Some people have had very bad experiences with Squier guitars, and these people tend to be more vocal in online forums, etc. But if you dig deep enough, you will find just as many people that are very happy with their Squire guitars, and play them at a high level.

Why Are Squiers So Cheap?

Squier guitars are so cheap because they are made with very cheap materials, in countries where labor is very cheap. They are mass-produced, as an entry-level beginner guitar, and the quality is in line with the price you pay.

There are very cheap Squire guitars, and then there are higher-end Squire guitars, but all Squire models are inferior to their Fender counterparts.

Is A Squire Guitar Good?

Whether a squire guitar is good or not, depends on what your definition of ‘good’ is, and what you are expecting from a Squire guitar.

Squier guitars are cheap, entry-level guitars, and their quality is in line with that price range.

Are All Squires Bad?

No, not all Squires are bad. For every review you read where somebody was unhappy with their Squire guitar, there are just as many if not more reviews from people who have been very happy with their Squier guitar. 

There have been different periods of time, where the production process was changed for certain batches of Squier guitars, and some of these batches were better, and some of them were worse, but they have leveled out to be quite a consistent beginner level quality guitar.

Where Are Squier Guitars Made?

Squire guitars were made in Japan for a period of time, and then Indonesia, but most of them are now made wherever the labor is cheapest, which tends to be China at the moment.

What is the difference between Fender and Squier guitars?

Squier guitars are a subsidiary of the Fender guitar company. Fender and Squier guitars have a very similar design in shape, and look, however, Squires are made using much cheaper materials, assembled by less-skilled workers, and have less time put into their setup and quality control.

Is Squier As Good As Fender?

No, Squire is not as good as a Fender. Squire guitars a designs to be a more affordable, accessible, guitar, similar to Fender guitars in style, but cheaper so that beginner and less experienced players can access styles from the Fender guitar range.

How To Upgrade A Fender Squier Guitar

Common things that people upgrade on a Fender Squier guitar include the pickups, the bridge, and the neck of the guitar. 

How To Make Squier Strat Sound Better?

The first thing you should do to make your Squier Strat sound better is getting it set up correctly. This typically involves setting the action by getting the bridge, and neck adjusted correctly.

How Much Are Squier Guitars?

Squier guitars, range in price from around $100, up to around $500, depending on the model you are looking at.

How Long Do Squier Guitars Last?

The length of time that a squire guitar will last you, is heavily dependent on how often you play it, and how well you treat it.

If you just leave your Squier guitar in its case and rarely get it out to play, then it will last decades. However, if you have it out of its case, play it regularly, and play live shows with it, then you are likely to wear it out in a couple of years.

Is Fender Squier Good For Beginners?

Yes, Squier guitars are very good for beginners. In fact, Squier guitars were designed for beginners and new players to help them get access to the great Fender styles, at a fraction of the price.

Do Squier Guitars Come With Cases?

Most squire guitars will come with a soft case or gig bag, but it’s best to check each model that you are potentially looking at to confirm either way, as some of them may just come in a cardboard box. 

Are Fender And Squier The Same?

Fender and Squier are both owned by the same company, Fender guitars, but they are not the same. 

Squier guitar is a subsidiary of the Fender guitar company, and Squire guitars are made to reflect the classic styles of the Fender guitar range. However, they are made using much cheaper components, with much cheaper labor, as a beginner or entry-level model. 

Should I Buy A Squier Or Fender?

There is no doubt about it, that Fender guitars are superior to Squier guitars, so if you can afford a Fender you should definitely buy a Fender. 

However, if you are just a beginner, or you are on a tight budget then a Squier guitar is a great guitar to start with. You can always upgrade to a Fender at a later stage.

But if money is no object, then a Fender guitar is superior and will give you a better quality of sound, and be better to play. 

What Are Squier Guitars Named After?

The individual Squire guitars are named after their Fender counterparts (Stratocaster, Telecaster etc).

However, the name Squire itself came from a company that used to make guitar strings, that Fender acquired in the 1960s. 

Following the acquisition of this company in the 60s, the Squire name disappeared for a few decades, but in 1982, Fender resurfaced the Squire name to release a batch of entry-level, more affordable guitars, styled after their classic Fender models. 

Why Squier Is Better Than Fender?

Squier guitars are not better than Fender guitars in any way. Though they have similarities in their styling, Squire guitars are made to be cheaper, more affordable versions of the classic Fender models. allowing beginners and people on a low budget to access a similar style of their favorite Fender model.

Why Is Squier Cheaper Than Fender?

Squier guitars are cheaper than Fender guitars, because they use lower-cost, lower-quality materials to make the guitar, and they make them in regions where the cost of labor is a lot less ( China for example).

There is also a lot less quality control over the Squire guitars that are sent to the retailers, so you need to do a bit more work yourself to make sure the guitar you are getting is of adequate quality.