Trigger Style Guitar Capos

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer


There are many types of modern types of guitar capos and trigger style capos are one of these types of modern devices. The trigger style designed capo is also one of the most popular types of stringed instrument capos.

This device consists of two bars, the first bar is covered using rubber and this bar sits directly on top of the strings. The second bar presses against the back of the guitar. In most cases, the second bar that presses against the back to the stringed instrument is made according to the shape of the stringed instrument’s neck.

In this type of capo, a pivot attaches both the bars and a spring is used to press these two bars close together. The grip that is found on each bar allows the musician to quickly and easily change the tension of this device. This grip also allows the musician to release the capo completely.

Due to this reason the trigger style capos are often known as “quick-release capos.”