Are Zager Guitars Any Good? The Truth About Zager Guitars

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

Zager Guitars has built an incredible reputation for themselves all without any marketing or retail store distribution.

Word of mouth and referral alone has been responsible for spreading the word about these guitars with a unique design that is easy to play and very affordable.

This article unpacks how all of these things are achieved and the characteristics of Zager Guitars that make this possible.

Here’s how Good Zager Guitars are:

Zager Guitars are high quality, hand made guitars that are affordable, easy to play, sound amazing, They use a unique guitar design that included wider spaced strings, lower frets and differently shaped guitar bodies to achieve a sound similar to $10,00 guitars at a fraction of the price.

A quick read of the many online reviews finds the general buyer experience overwhelmingly positive, and the ever-growing list of professionals who have adapted Zager Guitars is impressive.

Zager Guitars are not only cheap and of great quality but pride themselves on being easy to play. Borne out of years on the road as a professional musician and then decades more as a music teacher Denny Zager was forever tinkering with his guitar to make it effortless to play for long periods of time, without needing to stop.

The adjustments to the neck, frets and body were things he initially did to make his own guitars more playable but eventually turned them into a stand-alone product of their own.

A Brief History of Zager Guitars:

Zager Guitar is a business run by Denny Zager Sr and his son Denny Zager Jr. Deny Zager Sr was a touring musician who rose to fame in the legendary band ‘Zager & Eans’ who sold millions of records and had a #1 song “In The Year 2525′”.

Denny Zager then transitioned to teaching guitar and did so for decades, creating his own unique system of guitar teaching that you can still learn today.

Through this experience of playing the guitar on the road, and then teaching for decades, Denny noticed certain aspects of guitars that made it hard for the players.

So over time, he made many adjustments to existing guitars to make them more playable. Ultimately he combined all this learning into his own guitar design and thus Zager Guitars was born.

Pring themselves on playability and sound Zager Guitars are unlike any other in the world. With a focus on being easy to play and sound great, they are also very affordable

Why are Zager Guitars Easy to Play?

The answer to the question of ”What makes Zager Guitars Easier To Play?” is the six things the set Zager Guitars apart from other guitar brands. It’s not just a matter of setting up an acoustic guitar with low action,

There are multiple unique things about Zager Guitars that contribute to the overall playability and set it apart from other guitars.

Custom Neck Design

Zager guitars have a slim neck, so it’s easier to hold your hand around, and also slightly wider than usual, so there is slightly more space between the strings, making it easier to put your finger son the required areas without touching other strings inadvertently.

Lowered String Height

Zager guitars design has incredibly low action (string height) making it easy to play but without any of the annoying fret buzzes that low action can produce otherwise.

Lower String Pressure

Zager Guitars have a unique bracing system meaning that less pressure is required to push down on the strings to make the required sound. This makes it easier for professionals to play for longer, and easier for beginners to get started.

Custom String Spacing

The slighter wider neck on Zager guitars means the strings can be placed slightly further apart making them easier to press down on. It makes chords much easier to place. Is it only a fraction of a difference to usual spacing, but makes a significant difference.

Adjustable String Height Setting

The Zager guitar design means you can dial your guitar into a particular style of play. If you want to play something heavier you can raise the height, or if you want to play something finer, you can lower the height.

Perfect Quality Control

Every guitar that is shipped is it goes straight from Mr Zager’s hands to you. There is no middle man.

Why Are Zager Guitars So Cheap?

Zager Guitars manage to keep their prices so low because there is no middle man. They only sell direct to customers, so there are no retail stores that add a margin on top of the cost.

By doing it this way they can keep their guitars at least 50% if not cheaper than similar quality Martin or Taylor guitars.

How Is the Warranty On Zager Guitars?

Zager Guitars offer one of the most unique and comprehensive warranties on their guitars in the entire music industry. Given there is no store you can purchase a Zager Guitar from (all sales are direct), Zager offers a true 100% money-back guarantee, if you do not like your guitar, or find a problem with it.

On top of this, they will cover the full shipping costs both to your house and from your house from anywhere in the world. I’m not sure of any other company that does that.

The electronics within the guitars have a two-year warranty while the rest of the guitar has a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

Which Brands Produce Guitars Similar to Zager Guitars?

Zager guitars are comparable to Marting Guitars and Taylor guitar in that they are hand made units made with high-quality wood.

There are so much cheaper than these brands because they sell their own products directly to the consumer instead of through a retail network, and they don’t need to do any marketing or promotion because they have built their reputation solely on word of mouth and customer referrals.

What sizes of guitar do Zager Guitars make?

Zager Guitars make four different guitar sizes. A 41″ Dreadnought, 40″ Orchestra Model (OM), 38″ Parlor and 36″ Travel size guitar. The biggest selling size is the 41″ Dreadnought as this is the most common guitar size across the world.

This guitar has the best sound and is the default recommendation for adults. Watch the video below for a full demonstration by Denny Zager himself regarding the different sizes.

Who Plays a Zager Guitar?

Zager guitars have been played by many world-class musicians, and a few of them are listed below:

  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Dave Roe (Johnny Cash Band)
  • Pat Bergenson (Chet Atkins Guitarist)
  • Phil Collen (Def Leppard)
  • Aaron Lewis (Staind)
  • Doc Holiday

And many many more.

Zager Guitar FAQs

Where Are Zager Guitars manufactured?

Zager guitars are hand made in the USA in Lincoln Nebraska.

Do Zager Guitars do customer builds?

No given how busy they are creating their existing models, they do not take on custom work.

Do Zagers Guitars make a Left Handed model?

Yes, Zager Guitars sell a Left-Handed Model (

Do Zager make nylpn strong guitars?

No, Zager is focused on steel-string guitars.

Are cases included with Zager Guitars?

No, given a lot of players already have cases, they don’t want to charge extra money unnecessarily, so cases are an optional extra.

Which retail stores stock Zager guitars?

Zager Guitars are not stocked in retail stores. They sell directly to be able to keep the prices low and pass the savings directly to the consumer. Without any marketing or promotion, the Zager Guitars brand has grown throughout the world by word of mouth.

Are pickguards included with Zager Guitars?

Yes, all Zager Guiatsr come with pickguards, however, they are not affixed. They come in the package and you can choose whether to apply them or not. The reason they don’t attach it is because some players are adamant that any pickguards can affect the guitar sound and don’t like them fitted.