Are Zager Guitars Solid Wood? (Answered)

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

The sound and durability of solid wood acoustic guitars are far superior to that of other materials, and in this article, we explore what Zager Guitars are made of the benefits of solid wood guitars in general.

Are Zager Guitars Solid Wood?

The answer to the question ‘Are Zager Guitars Solid Wood?’ is yes, Zager Guitars are made from solid wood. Depending on the model, the guitars are made with a combination of Indian Rosewood, African Mahogany, Mahogany, Sitka Spruce, Spruse and Western Red Cedar.


The more expensive Zager Guitars (ZAD 900 and ZAD 80) have a headstock made with Indian Rosewood, while the cheaper models (ZAD 50 and ZAD 20) have headstocks made of African Mahogany and Mahogany respectively.


The necks for the whoe Zager line are made from Mahogany, but the quality of the Mahogany increases as you go up the range.

Back and Sides

The ZAD 900 and ZAD 80 have back and sides made from Indian Rosewood, and the ZAD 50 and 20 series have Mahogany for their back and sides.

Sound Board

Whilst the ZAD 900, 50 and 20 series use differing quality Spruce for the soundboard, the ZAD 80 series uses a western red cedar for a warm and mellow tone.


All Zager models are equipped with a handmade Bolivian Rosewood Fretboard. Compared to the ebony used by many guitar makers today, the rosewood has a warmer, richer sound.

Which Zager Guitars Are Made of Solid Wood?

All Zager Guitar models are made from a variety of solid woods including Rosewood, Mahogany, Spruce and Cedar. The wood used differs depending on the modal and the part o the guitar in question.

See the above sections for more details.

What Difference Does Solid Wood Make to an Acoustic Guitar?

The two main differences a solid wood guitar has compared to its cheaper laminate counterpart guitars are the sound quality and the guitar resilience.

Solid wood provides a richer sound as the wood creates a different vibration than laminate, and this sound only gets better with age as the wood matures.

Secondly, solid wood is tougher than laminate so less likely to get damaged and handle the bumps that guitars are subjected to in their lifetime.

Are Solid Wood Guitars More Expensive?

Yes. Solid wood guitars are more expensive than the cheaper laminate guitars for a variety of reasons.

Firstly laminate is a cheaper material to acquire to the materials costs a lot less, and there is less workmanship invested into laminate guitars, meaning fewer labour costs in the production process, and a cheaper product.

Are Zager Guitars Made In The USA?

Yes, Zager Guiatsr is made in the USA. The factory is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and all guitars are made and shipped from there.

What Are Some Other Comparable Brands of Solid Wood Guitar?

Zager Guitars are comparable in many ways to Martin and Taylor guitars in their quality of materials and quality of build, but there are many acoustic guitar brands that utilise solid woods materials in their construction.