Is A Piano Stool Necessary?

Do You Need A Piano Stool To Play Piano? Piano stools are not necessary when playing the piano.  Some people are unaware that there is a special seat designed just for pianists, but it has no bearing on the way you make music nor does it affect your music quality.  However, it does not directly … Read more

Do You Need A Teacher To Learn Piano?

Do You Need A Teacher To Learn Piano? In determining whether you need a teacher to learn the piano you must first evaluate yourself. Self-evaluation will help you determine whether learning by yourself is manageable or whether it is preferable to get a piano teacher.  Here is a list of questions that will help you … Read more

How To Mic A Keyboard Amplifier?

Can You Plug A Mic Into A Keyboard Amplifier? The answer to this question depends on the keyboard amplifier you have and whether it comes equipped with XLR microphone input. If it does not feature an XLR microphone input, a great alternative is to place a mic onto the amplifier. How To Plug A Mic … Read more

How To Keep Keyboard Pedals From Moving?

What Causes My Keyboard Pedals To Slide Away From Me? Various factors cause keyboard pedals from sliding away. Some of the most common causes are lack of pedal traction, slippery material used, placing them on smooth surfaces, and even using footwear that lacks traction. Lack Of Pedal Traction The majority of keyboard pedals are made … Read more

How To Stop Piano Pedals From Squeaking 

What Makes Piano Pedals Squeak? There are instances when piano pedals normally make squeaking noises, even if the piano is brand new and well-maintained. Although this happens rarely, some piano models,  particularly mass-produced versions, frequently have small faults or defects in their piano mechanisms. These flaws do not harm the pedal’s functionality, although they may … Read more

Is A Metronome Necessary For Piano?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Metronome? Many pianists have viewed metronomes as essential equipment that should be included on every piano over the years. It has been shown to improve and enhance your lessons and playing progression in ways that allow pianists to improve their natural sense of timing, piano progression, and sight-reading … Read more

How Long Do Piano Strings Last?

How Long Are Piano Strings Supposed To Last? There is no exact number of years piano strings last. They should, however, last for years because they are made of high carbon steel and copper, both of which are durable and reliable. Wear and tear, defective strings, temperature regulation, poor installation, and neglected maintenance and care … Read more

Are Piano Strings Dangerous? (Risks Explained)

Though it is unlikely that piano strings could cause injury, there are some potential risks. As a result it is best to be careful when dealing with piano strings. This article outlines the risks and provides some tips to maximize your safety. What Are Piano Strings Made Out Of? Piano strings are made from quality … Read more

Can You Polish Piano Pedals? (Explained)

If you own a piano, you may be curious about how to keep them in tip-top shape. Piano pedals are almost always in contact with your feet, and if you play frequently, your pedals will begin to show signs of aging due to overuse.  You’ll probably think how your once-shiny, glossy pedals became dull, pallid, … Read more

Can You Clean Piano Strings? (Steps Outlined)

Yes, through natural processes, piano strings do get dirty. However, the good news is that they are relatively easy to clean. This article explains the steps you should follow to clean your piano strings. Do Piano Strings Get Dirty? Piano strings get dirty with time, just like any other thing or instrument. This is especially … Read more

Are Piano Scales Hard? (Suprising Answer)

Though piano scales can be hard to learn in the beginning, they get much easier with practice. Throughout this article, we explore the benefits of piano scales, how to pracgtie with them, their difficulty, and other scales tips. The Benefit Of Piano Scales There are various benefits of learning and applying piano scales. For starters, … Read more