How to Use Tonebridge with iRig

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

Ultimate Guitar provides Tonebridge. Rather than designing a setup from the ground up, the emphasis here is on replicating the tones of great tunes. Songs are available as pedals with album art, allowing you to get a near match to the guitar tone heard on the album right away.

The app also works with the main Ultimate Guitar app, and all of the songs/tones offered include tabs, allowing you to match your tone to the tune you’re learning. In addition, styles may be accessed by browsing pre-curated collections or exploring the app’s music library.

Although Tonebridge does not have a Mac or PC version, it may still be used via emulators. It’s a remarkable and straightforward program with an extensive music library, a beautiful and user-friendly design, and many useful functions. So start playing your Guitar on the operating system of your choice.

Tonebridge with Irig

Some steps should be followed to enable the use of Tonebridge for iRig devices and accessories. Here are steps that you should consider:

  1. The Guitar’s volume should be set to maximum.
  2. The iRig’s volume should be just below maximum (when maxed, it starts clipping).
  3. Tonbridge’s effects should be set to the center (default) or lower. Boost it only if you hear guitar feedback or screaming, and reduce it if you hear guitar feedback or squealing.
  4. Tonebridge volume should have been in the medium or lower range. In most cases, there’s no reason to modify it from its default setting.
  5. The system volume (your phone’s volume) should be set to maximum.
  6. The primary volume control in the chain is the volume on the amplifier. Use the amplifier volume to regulate the overall loudness of the chain once you’ve put everything else up.
  7. Clean up the amplifier as much as you can. Switch your amplifier into a speaker and let Tonebridge handle the modifications. Use the clean channel, adjust the EQ to the middle setting, and shut off any effects.

Use Tonebridge Guitar Effect App

The software is free and works well for beginners, intermediates, and advanced guitarists by providing the ideal tone and focusing on practice. In addition, the app’s hundreds of musical styles assist novices in associating themselves with their preferred music sound, thereby broadening their horizons. 

In a word, the Tonebridge app enables novice guitarists to practice for hours on end without becoming bored. It allows them to make their distinct tones. The software also allows guitar professionals to experiment with different styles and reproduce their musical prowess.

The Tonebridge guitar effects software is easy to use because it comes with many preset sounds from which to select the best one for your sound. You may also quickly upload and create your song presets, making learning and playing Guitar even more enjoyable.

Huge Collection of Songs

Over 9000 tracks from over 1000 artists are available on the app. The user may listen to Rock, Reggae, and other popular music genres from many preset popular song genres. Additionally, the presets were hand-picked by the Ultimate Guitar editors so that you can be confident of the sound quality. The software also includes approximately 7500+ trial samples of various music genres for effect preview.

Works with Different Guitar

The software allows the user to perform even heavy metal sounds by exposing them to fantastic music sounds found on any instrument they connect. It also features a noise reduction technology that produces clean sound and provides intelligent feedback on the noises.