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Is Garageband Free? - Why Apple Would Give Garageband Away For Free

Is Garageband Free?

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

For those wondering “is Garageband free?”, the answer is yes.

Garageband is developed and provided by Apple to users of Apple products for free.

It is currently avaiable on Mac computers via the OSx app store, and iPhone and iPad users through the iOS app store. In many cases it will come pre-installed on new Apple devices, but if for some reason it isn’t installed on your Apple device you can find it on the relevant app store and download it.

Does Garageband have in-app purchases?

At the time of writing this article, there are no current in-app purchases for Garageband. There are some additional sounds you can download, which is processed as a free ‘purchase’ but these additional sounds do not cost any money.

Can you buy third party add-ons for Garageband?

Yes, other companies develop add-ons you can buy and add to Garageband to give you differnet sounds, loop and processors. If you type ‘garageband add-on’ into your search engine you will get a large number of options to look through.

Why would Apple provide Garageband for free?

It is reasonable to wonder what Apple’s motivation is, in spending large amount of money developing, and maintaining and distributing Garageband for free. I haven’t got any feedback from Apple to confirm my suspicions directly but I think Apple provide Garageband for free for these reasons:

Garageband Attracts New Customers and Keeps People Using Apple Devices

Given Garageband is only available on Apple devices, if Apple provide a great product and people love using it, it will be a reason for them to continue using apple devices. Especially given they give it away for free, there are no barriers to entry and it encourages everyone to play and record music. If people do this, and enjoy it, they are more liekly to keep using Apple products so they maintain that access to the Garageband software. And if Apple can keep people in their ecosystem they can try and sell them more devices and more programs and more services.

Up Sell To Logic Pro and Mainstage

Apple manufacture a professional grade DAW (digital audio workstation) called Logic Pro, and Main Stage, a software program for use at live performances. These are paid products, and mentioned in the Garageband menu’s. So as the number of Garageband users grows, so does the awareness and potential sales of Logic Pro and Main Stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Garageband for iPad?

Garageband for iPad is free, just like the Mac version and the version for iPhone.

How Much Does Garageband Cost For Windows?

As we have described throughout this article, there is no version of Garageband for Windows.

How Much Does Garageband Cost?

As we have written, Garageband is free, Garageband does not cost anything.

How Much Is Garageband For My PC?

Given PC’s tend to run Windows, it is not possible to get Garageband for a PC. But regardless, there is no charge for Garageband.