Garageband File Storage

Understanding the Garageband file storage system can be very handy if you want direct access to the loops, sounds and Garageband recordings that you make. Though most Garagebands sounds can be accessed via the program, and then exported, it can be quicker and easy to go directly to the file storage locations. Apple does not … Read more

Garageband System Requirements

Apple does not publish specific Garageband system requirements. Instead is indicates the version of iOS or macOS that Garageband is compatible with and then you need to figure out if your mac or iPhone is compatible with that operating system. At the time of writing, Garageband was compatible with macOS11, Big Sur. A quick internet … Read more

How To Slow Down A Garageband Track

There are a few different ways you can slow down a Garageband track, depending on whether you are trying to change the tempo of the whole song, or just part of the song. In this article we will look at the two main ways you can acheive this. How Do I Slow Down A Garageband … Read more

How To Speed Up A Track In Garageband

If you are recording music in Garageband and want to know how to speed up a song, or one track of a Garageband song, you have come to the right place. There are numerous ways you can speed up the audio in Garageband. The process differs depending on whether you are wanting to speed up … Read more

How Many Tracks Can You Have In Garageband?

I see a lt of people ask “how many tracks can you have in Garageband?”. I found the answer. 256. The maximum number of tracks you can have in a Garageband song (project) is 256. If you try and add further tracks you will get an error message. If you want to experiment with this … Read more

Is Garageband Free?

For those wondering “is Garageband free?”, the answer is yes. Garageband is developed and provided by Apple to users of Apple products for free. It is currently avaiable on Mac computers via the OSx app store, and iPhone and iPad users through the iOS app store. In many cases it will come pre-installed on new … Read more

Is Garageband Available For Windows?

Garageband is a popular DAW (digital audio workstation) music software program developed by Apple and made available through the Mac and iOS app stores. Given its popularity many people want to know if you can get Garageband for windows and that will be discussed throughout this article. How much does Garageband cost? Garageband is released … Read more