Will A Guitar Capo Damage A Ukulele?

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Written By Sarah Barlow

Chief Music Officer

A guitar capo would not technically damage your ukulele. However, it does not automatically mean that guitar capos are suited to be used on a ukulele. Unlike guitars with curved and flat fretboards, the ukulele only comes in flat-surfaced fretboards. This mainly means that for a guitar capo to work on a ukulele, it must be designed for specifically flat-surfaced fretboard guitars. 

When applied to the ukulele, you must check if the guitar capo applies equal and sufficient pressure to hold down all the ukulele’s four strings. If not, then the guitar capo you chose isn’t applicable to use in your ukulele. Although it wouldn’t damage your instrument and strings, it will surely put your strings out of tune and cause buzzing sounds when playing them.

However, If you foresee yourself playing your ukulele on a regular basis, it would be highly recommended to purchase or invest in a capo that is specifically designed for it. Experienced players recommend ukulele capos essentially because they are specifically made for the ukulele’s parts. 

Here are some benefits of using capos specifically designed for ukuleles:


Using a capo specifically designed for ukuleles works better compared to guitar capos. This is primarily because they are tested and designed for the dimensions and specifications featured in a ukulele. Lastly, these capos are designed to match the performance demands of standard ukulele players.


As mentioned above, these capos are made for a ukulele’s features and dimensions. Meanwhile, when used on a ukulele, guitar capos need to be checked and accurately adjusted to firmly attach to a ukulele’s neck. You also have to ensure that it is equally and stably pinning down the strings on the ukulele’s fretboard since guitars have larger and wider sizes as compared to ukuleles. This is primarily the reason why ukulele capos are more hassle-free.

Ergonomic Factors

Since ukuleles are smaller than guitars and have narrower necks and fretboards, the size of the capo you use might have an impact on your playing. When playing with your ukulele, using a well-fitted capo will provide you the comfort you need and help you learn to use your instrument better.